Learn About Level Up Learning Center in Guelph

Last week we shared some of our favourite summer camps in Guelph and now we want you to learn even more about what they do. We will be featuring a local company each week and sharing with you what they do and what makes them different.

Level Up Kids Learning is designed to provide students with the academic, technical and professional skills required for the 21st Century.

We run a variety of programs that vary from year- round options to march/summer camps, family workshops and learning labs. We don’t just teach coding, your child will learn how to use;

  1. Logic such as sequencing as well as cause and effect

  2. Techniques for solving problems

  3. Project design such as the importance of breaking down big ideas to specific tasks

  4. Benefits of collaboration and techniques for communicating ideas

  5. Ability to take criticism as well as identify and fix errors

  6. Perseverance in the face of difficulty

This is achieved by our:

Level UP AdvantageTM

1. Customized Learning Path

Curiosity and desire to achieve motivate learners.

2. Project-Based Learning

Students complete projects, courses, and challenges.

3. Unlock new Levels

With the Technology field always changing and growing we believe that our children need the extra advantage in helping them pursue their dreams.

Our year-round programs are geared to help your child to focus on a stream or two and gain the confidence as well as experience needed for Post-secondary education.

Our camps encourage the team environment and allow everyone to experiment, learn, laugh and have fun.

Our workshops and labs allow families to learn together, have the village feel without the negative experience. It allows everyone to contribute to the end product.

We truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. That’s' why this year we have programs running for children as young as 5 years old in our Prentegineers series.

Another reason coding is important even for younger children, according to educator and EdTech thought leader Michael Cohen, is that it supports early literacy development.

“Coding and literacy development complement each other because they are

both based off of a structure of communication that shares ideas and provides an experience,” says Cohen.

He explains that the challenge with early literacy is that many of the fundamental components of writing are abstract and complex.

“Take sequence, for example. Students in the first grade struggle with beginning middle and end in a written context while they understand it clearly in a visual or kinesthetic process. When using coding as a tool to visualise the writing process, students are able to see how sequence, transition, and “bugs” affect the outcome of their writing.”

To find out more or to register please visit us at: www.levelupkids.ca/guelph or on facebook at: LevelUp Kids Learning Center Guelph

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