Starting the New Year naturally

Did you have one or two or many resolutions this new years? Are you a person who tends to make resolutions but may not see them through. I have to admit there is something about the idea of a new year, a fresh start that I love. I have had many years where I have made a change in my life (not a resolution), but a change to the way that I live my life and it has shaped who I am and how I life my life.

This year one of my goals (not resolutions) was to use more natural products. I have never been one to really look at the products I was using on a day to day basis, because to be honest I think I would be terrified about the result. When people talk about what is in cleaning products, or make up or tin foil, you wonder how is this a product for sale? How is this something we use so often in our everyday life? But also want is our alternative - do we have a choice?

For the past few years I have been using essential oils in mine and my families lives. With the use of essential oils it has opened many doors to being able to make products that I feel 100% safe about.

My top 5 natural solutions DIY products that I make and use on a regular basis in my home are:

1. DIY All purpose Cleaner

This is super easy to make and works so well on any mess. I got an old Perrier glass bottle and any spray top will fit on it.

2 tablespoons of doTERRA cleaner concentrate

Then fill the rest with water.

That is it! I use this cleaner on my counters, floors, bathrooms and more.

2. Coconut Oil for my Skin

A super natural product to take care of my skin is coconut oil. I love using it as a daily face cream. I add a drop of Frankincense which the king of oils and amazing for skin.

Sometimes I may add lavender or helichrysum oil as well.

It feels so good knowing exactly what is going on my skin.

I buy my coconut oil from doTERRA or a health food store, but I always buy my essential oils from doTERRA because the quality of the oils is much different than what you would be getting from the health food store.

3. Tummy Support

Ditch the Gravol or Tums or chalky pink stuff.

Instead I grab doTERRA Zengest oil. For me I like to put one drop in a large glass of water and drink it when I have any tummy issues. It has been very helpful over the holidays when I may have over indulged a bit. (a lot - let's be honest).

For my kids I make a tummy rollerball with 5-10 drops of oil and the rest is filled with coconut oil in a 10ml rollerball.

We take the tummy rollerball with us everywhere and it super handy when we are driving to the cottage.

4. DIY Dish Washer Tablets

This DIY takes a bit longer to make but still very simple and works so well. I find these tablets work WAY better than the store bought ones I use to use. Plus they are safe and natural.

Made with doTERRA On guard cleaner concentrate, Kosher salt, Hydrogen peroxide and Borax. Sometimes I add a little extra oil like lemon or purify to switch things up.

I mix the ingredients together and put them in ice cube trays I like to put them in the freezer for 30 minutes for them to harden. Once I take them out they keep their shape and I use them just like I would use any store bought tablet.

5. Clean the air and so much more

Instead of using an air freshen that has tons of chemicals I choose to use a diffuser with water and add some amazing smelling essential oils!

A huge benefit is that they don't jut smell good they can

* Clean the air

* Support emotions

* Fight a virus

*Clear my congestion

* Bring feelings of relaxtion


Those are just a few of the amazing ways I am trying to live my life more naturally this year. If you wish to try a recipe and want to learn more let me know-

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