Small business feature Sealy Karate

Since it is small business week I wanted to share some of my favourite small businesses. The first one is so special to me because they are a huge reason why our programs can run. We run our baby steps out of the amazing Sealy Karate facility. The babes love the padded floors, big windows and huge mirrors.

You guessed it! My small business feature for today is Sealy karate; they have been serving Guelph for over 25 years. They are located at 10 Speedvale Ave at Speedvale and Woolwich. They have two studio spaces at their location with comfy mats, bright windows and space to move and learn.

They offer programs for kids, adults and families. They offer beginner karate classes to black belts. They are a supportive studio that creates a community and family for all of their members. They offer a month free if you want to test out Sealy to see if they are the right fit for you. They offer private lessons and personal training too.

They also have a MMA fitness program for people who want to get fit, learn self-defense but doesn’t want to wear a uniform and earn belts. They offer a version of this program where mommies can come in with their babe and work out.

What I love about Sealy karate is that they do so much more than just karate. They are a huge part of their community. They are always there to support everyone. They collect money for charity, attend and host community events and they host a number of free self-defense classes and workshops about bullying. They are a big part of the Guelph Moms and Co programs too.

If that wasn’t enough they have an amazing summer camp for kids who like to keep active. They have PD camps as well. For the camps kids do not have to have any karate experience, it is more about having fun and keeping them active. They do games, crafts, take trips and more.

Sealy karate also offers birthday parties. You can have it at their location or they can come to you. My son has attended a party where one of the instructors taught them some moves and he had the greatest time.

If you have any interest in karate or just want a fun why to get fit I would check out Sealy karate.

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