Winter is Coming.. Is Your Roof Ready?

With all the other things going on life it’s easy to forget about giving our roofs a little TLC. Roof problems can be stressful, time consuming and expensive but preventative care is simple and easy.

Start with an Inspection

November is a good time of the year to do an assessment of your roof. You can do an initial inspection from standing on the ground and walking around your home, or if you are already on a ladder hanging Christmas lights then take a look from there. We don’t recommend walking all over your roof if you don’t have to.

What to Look For?

As you make your way around keep your eyes open for:

  • Missing, damaged, loose shingles

  • Lichen or Moss Growth can indicate water damage and decay underneath

  • Cracks or damage around vent pipe boots

  • Warping or buckling of the roof

Inspect from Your Attic

Do a visual inspection from the attic looking for dark spots on the underside of the roof or any abnormalities.

Easy Maintenance

If you find any issues you should have them fixed before winter. Fixing the issue now while it is small will prevent a much bigger issue of a leak or structural damage in the future. Replace lost or damaged shingles, repair damaged caulking and flashing around vents. Clean your gutters to ensure there will be good flow of water away from your roof during the spring. Confirm that all downspouts are attached, not blocked and are displacing water away from your home. For bigger repairs consult a roofer in Guelph.

Does this look familiar?

This is an “Ice Dam”. They are caused when heat escapes easily from your roof, melts the snow and then as it runs down your roof away from the heat of your home it refreezes. Ice dams can wreck havoc on shingles and force water up and under them causing leaks into your home. The solution is to prevent heat from escaping from your home (note this will also save you money). Most of the time heat is escaping due to poor insulation in your attic. All new homes attics require R50 (~18.5 inches of insulation) but most homes have less than 6 inches.

For more information visit Guelph Roofer

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