How to Gain Electronic Charging Space in Your Home & Alternative Pumpkin Lighting

Hey all you fantastic mothers out there!

We know it’s hard to find the time to stay updated on all the latest home improvement information. Between juggling getting the kids to school in the morning, homework after school activities (and mitigating flights) it’s a full time job by itself. That’s why Best Electrician Guelph has teamed up with Guelph Moms and Co this month to provide you with some home electrical related information.

Today we’ll talk about the increasingly popular USB outlets that will keep your family happy (reducing headaches for you) and some tips on pumpkin lighting for Halloween.

USB Outlets

The number of electronic gadgets we accumulate seems to grow exponentially every year, even we can barely keep up! As we continue to have more electronic devices every year our room to charge them is remains the same and flights over who gets outlet space are becoming more common. #FirstWorldProblems but a headache nonetheless!

USB outlets are becoming very popular and many new homes built now include them. Instead of taking up one of the two grounded plug spaces just to charge a phone or device these outlets allow for USB cords to plug directly in. It also means you don’t have to have find the adapter block to charge your device (they always seem to grow legs and hide when you need them the most!)

Although you can buy these new outlets at any of the big home stores as electricians we recommend not installing them yourselves. It may seem easy just to swap out the current outlet for a new USB outlet but there are many potentials that could cause elevated risk and without the correct tools and knowledge serious injury could occur. Please always consult a licensed electrician. Most of us are friendly :) and more importantly really care about your safety. If you are cost conscious and just have a couple outlets around your home you want to upgrade to USB we suggest waiting until you have other electrical work that needs done and get your electrician to also install the new USB outlets then. If you have many outlets around your home that you would like to upgrade then it’s worth calling an electrician just for that.

Pumpkin Lighting

It’s almost that time of year again….no not christmas (yet) but Halloween! For all you pumpkin carvers out there how many people have struggled or burnt themselves with the tealights candles?! If it’s windy and they get blown out all your Leonardo Da Vinci craftsmanship sits on your porch unlit and unknown to you. Although the risk is low there is always a risk of fire when using candles to light your pumpkin.

Over the past few years we’ve been using LED lights to illuminate our pumpkins instead. They work well, are reuseable and avoid any fire or injury risks. There are many LED lighting options. To keep costs low you can buy small LED flashlights or Glow sticks from the Dollar Store. For anyone with kids that love technology and want to take their pumpkin lighting game to a whole other level look into getting an Arduino and programming a light show.

Fall Greetings from your Guelph Electrician Team

Fall Greetings from your Guelph Electrician Team J

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