Small Business Feature My Essential Oil Obsession

Two years ago I didn’t know what essential oils were? I didn’t know what they did and I didn’t know they would change my life. Having my three boys I was looking for a more natural solution for my kids and my family. Before essential oils I would hit a wall every day mid afternoon where I took a pill for a headache or a pill for my sinus’ or something to stop the pain. I figured I had three small kids at the time and I thought it was normal. It’s so easy as a parent to put you health to the wayside while you look after your kids.

One of the first rollerballs I made for myself was an allergy rollerball with lavender, peppermint and lemon, these are the highest quality oils and they are sourced all over the world. I applied to my sinus area and I have never looked back. It’s been over a year and I have taken nothing except the oils. I am able to support my health, my kids health, support emotions, sleep, clean and more. It was incredible to have so many answers to ailments at my fingertips. I now carry oils with me wherever I go and the boys know all they have to do is ask.

Once I started seeing the what the oils could do for me I had to start sharing, because once you start to use them you have to let people know how incredible they are. You think about your best friend who could use this oil for that, you think about your mom who could really use this oil for that and you start rolling oils on random strangers just because you want to help.

One of my favourite things about sharing and selling doTERRA oils is to hear the stories from people once they use them and to hear first hand how the oils are helping them.

I never thought I would be in the network marketing business, to be honest I didn't really understand how they worked and I had pre-judged what they were all about, but now I see the opportunities are really endless for those who put in the work.

I love being able to offer the opportunity as well to other people, especially moms who are looking to find a way to stay home with their kids and still earn an income.

There are many ways I can share and teach about the oils, I love classes, online and in person, DIY products, samples or just sharing.

I have now switched most of my household products to essential oils or essential oil based products

Cleaning products

skin care


Almost anything that I use to pick up at Shoppers

If the kids come home with a virus or sickness I take it as a personal challenge to see how quickly we can get rid of it!

If you ever want to hear more about these oils and how they can help you - let me know

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