Small Business feature - Monkey Bum Tie Dye Apparel

My small business feature for today is Monkey Bum Tie Dye Apparel!

Monkey Bum Tie Dye all started with a mommy with a colourful vision. Kristie Boivin started Monkey Bum Tye apparel and now her own little monkeys can be seen at parties and events helping out as well.

If you don't Monkey Bum, let me share.

1) They make quality tie dye apparel that you can purchase online or at markets around town. The apparel is 100% cotton, high grade dyes and bonder so the colours will stay bright and bold for years.

They offer clothing and shoes for babies, kids and adults. They can even create matching onesies for your entire family!

2). They offer birthday parties! Yes it may sound crazy to give a room full of children tie dye and a t-shirt but Kristie is the queen at keeping it all clean and organized. Also what a great gift for each kid to take home with them. I love that idea instead of loot bags.

3) You can have Monkey Bum come to your event or camp! What an unique activity to provide to your guests.

Some of my kids favourite shirts are themed tie dye shirts they have made at events.

They have an amazing Halloween pumpkin one that they try to wear all year round.

What I love about Kristie and her business is that she is truly doing what she loves and she incorporates her family every step of the way. Her kiddos are her best models (of course), they also see what it takes and how hard you need to work at your own business. She is fun, creative and caring and all of that shows in her work as well. She recently has started selling tie dye kits where you can do your own tie dye at home. There was also a package with a teddy bear and you could make a shirt for the bear, I love these little cute ideas and fun ways to expand the business.

I caught up with Kristie and I asked her, "What is the best part of your business?"

The best part of my business is doing the birthday parties and camps .. there is no greater feeling than seeing children around town wearing and loving the shirts they have made we me.

Kristie is also a huge part of her community which I think it is so key! You can see her at community events and camps all around town and most likely she will be in some sort of tie dye apparel!

Check out some of what Kristie offers!

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