Small Business Makes the World go Round

October 15th - 21st is Small Business week in Canada and it gives us a moment to recognize and thank all of the amazing small businesses we have locally.

Being a small (very small) business myself, Guelph Moms and Co has many local businesses we have to thank for the support we get year round. I find Guelph small businesses are very special. They are like a society that really support each other and work towards common goals.

Through out the year I have many businesses that sponsor our larger public parties so I am able to offer those parties for free or a small charge to all of your wonderful parents out there. There are a number of businesses I work with that offer their spaces for the programs to run, or sponsor Guelph Moms and Co with advertising, blogs and more. I am only one person and I have A LOT of businesses to THANK for making Guelph moms and Co happen.

The first business I have to highlight is Once Upon a Child Guelph. The owner is a man named Marek and his lovely wife Ginette. She is at the store almost everyday working hard, keeping it clean, organized, stocked and always helping customers. They both take pride in their store and as they should, I love shopping there for my boys. There is great selection, great prices and great opportunity if you have items to sell. They are a huge part of every party I host, they love to support the community and the families in Guelph. If you have not been to their store I highly suggest you check it out - 666 Woolwich St.

I have to give a huge thank you to Bulldog Fitness. It is located at Grange and Victoria (259 Grange Rd) and it is an incredible space for children. I run a number of my programs there as well as all of the large parties. It have one large gym, one smaller gym, tons of toys, equipment, kitchen and all for kids. They are before and after school, pd programs, summer camps, March break camps, birthday parties and even have preschool programs most morning available for younger kids. The owner is Miss Bobbi and she is one of the strongest and hardest working people I know. She is always there for me, sometimes I joke that she even sleeps at Bulldog. I love using this space for my programs because there is so much options for the kids. Their preschool program is very unique as the ratio size is unlike anywhere else. There are only 5 kids to 1 instructor so it is a great way to introduce your little one to preschool plus you can sign up for 1-5 mornings and there are no large commitments or jobs you need to do as a parent.

We are hosting out HALLOWEEN PARTY there on the 31st 10:00-11:30am if you want to check it out!

Another one of our big supporters is Sealy Karate, the owner is Kevin Sealy and he is such a positive supportive person. He has been teaching in Guelph for many years now, but you can tell he loves what he does and he is very proud of his students and the space. He offers programs for kids, adults, pd camps, summer/march break camps, birthday parties and more. He also has MMA fitness programs and mommy and baby work out programs. One of the other things I think is amazing about Kevin is his commitment to the community of Guelph. He is constantly hosting free classes for kids who are bullied, he offers free self defence classes and more. I love running the baby program in his location at 10 Speedvale Ave as the floors are all padded mats, there are large windows and the welcoming environment.

Whipper Snipperz is another business that is a big part of Guelph Moms and Co. They are a part of every event we have in some capacity or another. The owner of Whipper Snipperz is Miss Jane and she is a wonderful hair dresser and business owner. They do hair cuts for kids, adults, braiding lessons and they have a room in the back for birthday parties and community events.

My boys love going to Whipper Snipperz to get hair cuts - but they call it Whipper Sniffers even though I correct them every time, I think they are just playing around with me now.

Another business I want to mention is Bears Cheerleading. It is a space that I use for some of my programs. It is large, bright and the floors are all sprung so super fun to bounce around on! The owner is Miss Cyndi and she is an incredible coach who loves to share her love of cheerleading. You can just tell from the space that magic happens there. Through the pictures and trophies you can see how proud she is of every student who walks through her door. You can also see how the kids grow and build their confidence with such an amazing instructor. Bears offering cheerleading programs, tumbling, camps, birthday parties and more.

All this week I will be highlighting local businesses and sharing them with you, but like I said before there are MANY, MANY businesses in Guelph who support me every day and help my little business thrive. I could not mention them all in this blog, but they are there and I really appreciate all of them.

Here are some of the other awesome businesses who support Guelph Moms and Co throughout the year! And there are many more!

Heather Heartfield from Knowledge First Financial - a local mommy who know her numbers and how to help you save for your RRSPs!

Krystal Moore Royal LePage Realty -

A kind hearted real estate agent who specializes in helping families with kiddos prep, sell and buy their home

Merry Maids -

Whether you are looking for a big clean or weekly clean of your house they take pride in meeting your expectations and having excited to come home to a clean house

Children Development Research Unit of Guelph -

A wonderful team of research students who look at developmental issues related to kids health

Emotion Dance Company -

An incredible dance studio in the south end of Guelph that offers a variety of classes for kids/adults of all skill level

Sarah Rubenstein Homelife Power Realty -

Soon to be momma of 3, she knows the importance of buying and selling a house with a family

Robin's Nest Family care -

A wonderful place for any new mother for support, care and education. Their team of doctors are knowledgeable and caring.

Woodlawn Dental Care - A wonderful, friendly dentist who works great with children and loves to support the community

Also check out our community directory for more business love!

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