How to Choose Formula for your Baby?

We all have been told that "breast is best", but sometimes that is just not an option. The reality is feeding your baby is best. As a new parent when you decide to feed your baby formula the options are over-whelming. We all want what is best for our babies but how do we know what is best? Should it the formula that taste the most like breast milk? Should it have the most fat content? The least amount of sugar? The most vitamins? Is it soy based? Lactose based?

And then there is preparation, do you want powder? Do you want ready made? Do you want to mix with water? Breast milk?

Plus formula is not cheap, sometimes cost is a factor or what is available for you? So many choices it's hard for anyone to make a decision.

I came across a great resource from

They took the time to look at over 90 products out there on the market. They worked with paediatricians and food specialists to make up a list of some of their favourite formulas out there.

I loved how they broke down the research in a variety of areas and really took the time to explain how and why they choose the formulas they did.

If you are looking for a non-bias great article then I would highly suggest checking it out.

As you know we all want what is best for our babies but sometimes a little guidance is much appreciated!

Thank you for allowing us to share your article -

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