Six Benefits of Helping Children join outdoor activities with the family

Outdoor activities can be stress reducing, not just for you, but also for your kids. They can benefit the family units as a whole.

The six benefits of helping children join outdoor activities with family aren’t the only advantages that they can get. However, they’re the most important ones. So, read on, and you can also learn what activities you can do with your kids.

1. Be physically fit

Childhood obesity is rising. To combat it, allow your children to join outdoor activities with your family and friends. You can go running, jumping, swimming and dancing, and several others.

What’s great about them is that they can strengthen the immune system and they improve vitamin D levels. They’re all ideal to prevent health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease.

As they strengthen their heart, they’re less likely to suffer from a cardiovascular disease. Keep in mind that even kids can develop a heart condition. To ward off heart disease, allow your children to develop a habit of engaging in outdoor activities.

2. Improve mental health

It’s not easy to accept that kids do experience stress. They may also suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s more common today than it was before.

The reason for this is that kids have busy schedules in school. They also have to deal with extracurricular activities. Outdoor activities with family can help in reducing their stress.

These activities can also offer a positive impact on anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, among others. The nature of the outdoors gives them stimulation and gain experience through all their senses.

Plus, they become aware of their environment. As a result, they’re more likely to take care of the planet, as they become adults.

Make them appreciate those activities by creating happy memories of their outdoor play. For example, you may collect twigs or stones.

Put them in a jar or make a picture of them. Keep it for a few days to remind your kids of their adventures with their family.

3. Stimulate intellect

Outdoor activities with family can go far beyond mental health. As they involved themselves in outdoor play, it encourages their intellectual development. It helps them focus better in the classroom and enhance their ability to learn.

Apart from that, outdoor activities will improve their problem-solving skills, thereby, helping them perform better in the classroom. Plus, they hone their creativity, which is vital for their academic learning.

4. Develop social skills

Outdoor play can give them an opportunity to work in groups. It includes learning how to negotiate, share and resolve conflicts.

If your kids can explore through outside play, they can learn several new skills and know how to overcome challenges. These things can help your children know how to develop a healthy relationship when they reach adulthood. They can also assist them to become leaders in the future.

5. Embrace risk

Some kids today are afraid of a lot of things. When they join your outdoor activities, they can embrace risk.

But you may find it difficult to allow your kids to play outdoors, considering the traffic and other safety concerns. However, you’ll have to find a balance between encouraging your children with new experiences and safety.

As they participate outdoor activities, they tend to be carefree, which is good. When they grow old, they can become adventurous and not afraid to try and succeed in life.

6. Let them learn new skills

Being outside in a true environment, it gives your kids a chance for multiple learning experiences. It doesn't matter what activity it is. The outdoors is a rich source of knowledge.

Allowing your kids to explore the environment can be scary. But the fact that your child is allowed to take risks promotes valuable and life-long skills, which are related to awareness, as well as risk-management.

Even just walking, instead of running, is a valuable learning experience. Your kids will learn that it’s the first step to success. It’s a vital step of growing.

As they learn the value of falling over and getting up, they’ll learn to take responsibility for their own actions. It can build self-confidence too.

Do outdoor activities matter anymore?

Some of you may say that your kids won’t appreciate them because they’ve seen the outdoors through cable TV, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

But they’re different from the real outdoor where they can touch the plants; interact with other kids, etc. They can develop a love for nature.

It’s not what your kids know about life, but it’s what happens to your children when they’re one with nature. When they stop going out and play, it affects their development skills and the society as a whole.

Most kids are interested in the natural world. But they watch it on the television. Only a few of them experience it directly with their family and friends, and this is what counts.

Five minutes of green exercise with them can produce a rapid improvement in their mental health and self-esteem. With free, unstructured play can boost their problem-solving skills.

They can focus more and improve their self-discipline. The outdoor activities can also improve their flexibility and self-awareness.

In other words, outdoor activities can make your kids smarter. They can get along with others, which is vital when they go to school.

Allowing your kids to participate in any outdoor activities with your family can offer tons of benefits to your children. The activities don’t mean that they have to engage in rigorous activities.

You can keep them simple. By starting small, your kids won’t get overwhelmed. You may wish to pass on to them the games that you played when you were still a child.

There’s no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to playing outdoors. The most important aspect here is to get out and see what your kids can do. From there, they can appreciate these six benefits of helping children join outdoor activities with family.

Hannah Tong is the founder of, a blog dedicated to providing accurate advice to mothers regarding childcare. She loves taking care of her kids and teaching them the right things. She is also enthusiastic and loves sharing her experiences to teach others about how to care for their

families' health. Check the latest article (Enfamil Gentlease) here.

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