Top Favourite Essential oils for Kids

Well you may have been hearing about essential oils and how they can benefit you and your family? You may be a believer and you may not. Yes it seems like a huge fade but actually essential oils have been used for centuries but have just recently become popular in everyday houses.

I will be honest with you all right now, I love them. They have changed my life in many ways and how I take care of my family. For those who know me this may be surprising, trust me it kind of surprised me and boy did it ever surprise my husband. There were lots of jokes of me making my potions and being a gypsy. (not that I think there are another wrong with gypsies). There is lots of science behind essential oils and how and why they work. There are lots of over the counter medicines that are also based from plant extracts - they just don't tell you that since so many other chemicals have been added.

For me though, essential oils have become an everyday way of life. The kids use them (with my assistance of course), I cook with them, clean with them, diffuse them and love making my rollerballs with them. They are in my cream, my shampoo, my vitamins - I told you I have jumped on the bandwagon with full force.

Here are my top favourite essential oils to use with kids!

1. Tea Tree Oil - Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oil. You can use it for cuts, scraps, burns, bug bites, and as a bug repellent. I also use it in shampoo to prevent lice.

2. Lavender -Lavender oil has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Use it to sooth and calm as well as for first aid and skin. We love to add it to our bedtime routine. Lavender and tea tree and Frankincense make a great "owie stick" and that is how I avoid band-aids.

3. Frankincense - Frankincense… yes, the same thing that the wise men brought as a gift to Jesus… is good for infections because of its anti-bacterial properties and is often used with respiratory congestion. It is the king of oils and can be used for many different situations. A great one for inflammation and skin.

4. Easy Air - Doterra has a blend called Easy Air that is perfect for the cold and flu season and it supports the air ways when your little is stuffed up. You can find this oil running through our house in the winter season.

5. On Guard - Another blend from Doterra is the immunity - I love using this oils to cleans the germs out the of air especially when one kid gets sick or if I know there is something going around. I also loving making a natural hand sanitizer with this one.

6. Zengest - A great blend to soothe the stomach, I love having it on hand for any sore tummy complaints.

7. Wild Orange - Any of the citrus oils are great to uplift the mood, I love it on a Friday afternoon when kids may be extra cranky.

8. Balance - A grounding oil, I love to combine this with a wild orange to evoke feelings of balance and tranquility - not that my three crazy boys are ever in a state in tranquility but hey I can give it a shot.

Of course when using essential oils you need to know they are VERY strong, You need to know what you are doing. For kids always dilute and with essential oils less really is more. Keep out of reach of kids and do your research. When you buy oils from someone let them be your resource. With kids I always use a carrier oil and start with applying to the feet. You also want to make sure what your buying is a quality oil. I only buy Doterra as it is tested five times by the a third party testing group and is certified pure therapeutic grade oils. A lot of the oils in the health food store claim to be 100 % pure but unfortunately are not, because like the beauty industry there is not much regulation.

If you ever want to learn more about essential oils, I am always teaching classes and sharing my oils.

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