Small business feature Whipper Snipperz

My small business feature for today is Whipper Snippez, located at 50 Victoria Rd S it is an amazing place to get your little one's hair cut.

It’s really more than a hair cut they create a whole experience for your child that makes having their hair cut comfortable and fun.

When you walk in the door the store is full of bright colours, toys to play you wait and a number of fun cars your child can sit in to get their hair cut. They get to choose a favourite show or movie while they sit as well. For my middle son this was the only way we could get him a hair cut. I had tried at home and had to wrestle him to the floor and then we went to Whipper Snipperz and he sat still. I was shocked and amazed. At the end of the hair cut he received a balloon, sticker and a lollipop. He wanted to go back the next day!

For little girls they get the option to have their nails done and hair “done” as well.

You can make an appointment or just walk in.

They offer a great first hair cut package that includes a gift certificate and keep sake.

They have a loyalty program where you get stamps to receive a free haircut; having three boys I get quite a few stamps.

Whipper Snipperz is also a huge part of their community. They support us at Guelph Moms and Co, host food bank drives and more.

On October 29th they are hosting a special visit from Paw Patrol at their store from 2-4pm plus everyone who goes will receive some sort of VIP special to take away.

They do more than just kid’s hair though. For older kids there are real barber chairs and video games to keep them occupied.

I have had my hair cut there a number of times as well. It was actually a perfect place for me since I had all three kids with me. They were completely entertained while I got a great haircut and a VERY reasonable cost.

I highly suggest you check them out if you little one need a haircut or come on the 29th to visit the space.

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