Getting My Mommy Mojo Back

When you are a mom you are usually the last one on the priority list, I know for me when I leave the house most of the time I haven’t even glimpsed at a mirror.

My kids on the other hand look great, they wear nice clothes, they match, and they look super cute right out of a magazine where poor mommy would only make the worst dressed page.

Now I love my kids and enjoy having them look good, it sends out a good message so why don’t I feel that same obligation to myself?

When I do actually look in the mirror I don’t recognize myself, I feel like a shadow of myself–like something has faded. I don’t wear make up much anymore, I don’t “do” my hair, and lately yoga or stretchy pants are my go to outfit. There Is nothing wrong with this as mommies are busy with a million things to do but in some ways I am a little disappointed that I put myself so far down the list of priorities.

I needed to start doing things for myself that made me feel like less of a baby factory/milk machine.

Motherhood is an incredible gift. but it is a gift that keeps giving, it gives morning, afternoon, evening and sometimes in the middle of the night. It gives when you have nothing left to give. I knew I needed to be replenished. I needed to recognize myself again.

Then I was given a gift, something simple, nothing crazy, some pink pearl earrings. I haven’t wore earrings in a while, it is dangerous when you have a baby in your arms, but my youngest is now 2 and a half so I figured it was time to get the mommy mojo back on track. These earrings were light and gave me the confidence I was missing. My ears are very sensitive but these earrings did not bother me at all. With the one little accessory I became excited again to spend some more time on myself. I noticed that I would stop to check out the earrings in the mirror and it made me smile.

I have even started wearing my make up again, my kids have had some questions on what is on face, but hey it’s not for them it is for me. Next step is to go through my clothes and think is this worthy of me wearing it? If it belonged to my kids would I let them wear it? Maybe a new hair cut is next, who knows? I love how little things can make all of the difference.

The earrings were from - they are an online company that sell new pearl earrings and accessories, they also repair old pearls and make them like new again. Like what I have been doing for myself.

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