Top Tips to encourage sharing!

We SHARE everything!

My husband can not stand the fact that when I go out with the three boys I only bring two water bottles. He thinks three kids equals three water bottles. I have two pockets for two bottles so that is easiest and it means the boys have to SHARE.

We start at a young age saying share with your brother, share with your sister, share with your friend, but it is a hard concept for a kid to understand, hey let’s be honest it is hard for adults to share.

I made a rule that any gift, toy or anything brought into the house belongs to the whole house. It makes it easier since I have three boys and they have similar interests, but I wanted my kids to be able to share everything.

Once in a while we get an argument about something belonging to someone but for the most part they remember that it belongs to everyone.

For the most part this takes away any one item being of super importance and it makes most of the toys interchangeable. We still have the occasion argument about certain items and find taking turns with a timer can usually solve the problem that is if they can not find a way to use the item together. One kid will have a turn and we put on the microwave or phone timer once the timer goes off the toy goes to the next child and so on. I find after a few turns they get more excited about the timer than the actual toy, but that is one of the many reasons why I love my kids.

Here are a few tips for younger kids to start sharing

1. Create a game to show them

Take an item and give it to your child and say Mommy SHARE, then pass to Daddy and he gives it, say Daddy SHARE and so on. Making it a fun game will make them see the fun in sharing and realize they will get the item back.

2. Know what to expect

Kids under two are still parallel playing where they play beside another child but not really with them. They do not really have the capacity to share. It is great to start showing them how to share but do not expect for them to get it right away.

3. Plan Ahead

If you know you are going to a park with tons of kids and your child does not want to share their favourite maybe try to keep that one at home or in the car.

4. Have some patience and don’t force it

There is no need to get angry if your child is taking longer to get better at sharing. It is a skill that some adults don’t really have either, but if you support your child and be patient it will happen.

It is not a skill that will happen overnight but when they start doing it on their own it melts the heart!

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