Top Ten Parks in Guelph

Guelph is an amazing city, full of buildings, lakes and PARKS!!!! Did you know Guelph has over 1000 hectares of parks and open space where you can find over 70 km of trails and paths, sports facilities, and heritage features and more.

That is a lot of ground to cover, so we decided to ask around what and where is everyone’s favourite places to go.

We have rounded up the ten tops favourites in no particular order.

Park: Dragonfly Park (South End)

Location: 25 Poppy Dr (Behind Bishop MacDonnell school)

Why we like it: There is so much about this park that I love. Lots of things to climb on, two different play structures, one for little kids and one for bigger ones. Lots of swings! There is not much shade in the play area but shaded picnic area with tables. There is a musical play area, a dinosaur to sit on and a sand area with toys to play in. Plus this year the splash-pad will be there too so it will be even more amazing, but make sure you wear your sunscreen. There are some tennis courts, baseball diamonds and basketball nets as well.

Park: Margaret Green Park – West End

Location: 80 Westwood Road Guelph

Why we like it: Lots of green space to play, nice play structure for all ages. It has some interesting climbing features, good slides and some shade. There are woodchip trails close by and a leash free zone for doggies.

Park: Royal City Park (Central)

Location: 119 Gordon Street

Why we like it: It has a big slide and little slide, nice swings, a shelter gazebo for craft or picnic time, there is lots of nice shade and close to nice walking trials. Plus across the street you can see the River or across the other street you can get yummy ice cream at the Boathouse.

Park: Riverside Park (North End)

Location: 709 Woolwich Street

Why we like it: This park is great because it has a huge play structure with lots of fun options for any sized kid. There are big slides, little ones, swings, bridges, monkey bars and more. Once May 2/4 comes there are two rides as well, the train and the carousel. Right now they are only open on weekends but in the summer will be open everyday. If you think your child would like the rides a summer pass is the way to go. For around $20 you can ride all summer. Riverside also is great for feeding ducks, playing in the sand and watching the river.

Park: Exhibition Park (Central)

Location: 81 London Rd West

Why we like it: This park has recently been changed to be more natural with lots of wood climbers and balance areas to play on. Some swings and cute slides built right into a hill. This park may not be the greatest for really little kids as it is hard to climb the rope ladder but there is a great sand area with a water pump to play with so they get good and dirty. In the summer there is also a wadding pool and huge trees for lots of shade. There is lots of green space for dogs to run and tennis courts (in case your two year old play tennis)

Park: Bullfrog Pond Park

Location: 13 Walnut Drive

Why we like it: This park is great because it is down a hill away from the road so if you have a runner like I do there is some space before they run to the road. There are some nice big trees, great play structures for toddlers and preschoolers and swings. I also like that it is close to the Bullfrog library in case you want to grab some stories before going to the park.

Park: Joe Veroni Park (East End)

Location: 245 Watson Parkway North

Why we like it: This park was one of my favourites even before I moved to Guelph, I would drive in from Rockwood to visit it. It is on some really nice trails, the park is full of nice soft sand, my kids drop their shoes the moment we arrive. There are swings, slides, climbers and more. There are two structures one for smaller kids and one for larger ones. There is a covered gazebo picnic area in case it rains.

Park: Sunny Acres Park (Central)

Location: 45 Edinburgh Rd N

Why we like it: This park is in from the road and has lots of green grass around it. The sand is nice with a good collection of sand toys that live at the park. You can tell it has a good community that takes care of the park. Great for younger kids.

Park: St George’s Park (East End)

Location: 40 Metcalfe St

Why we like it: Swings, sand, tennis courts, basket-ball nets and more. It is located in a nice large green space with big trees. Great neighbourhood and nice natural skating rink in the winter. There are two structures for big and little kids and my boys love the bigger slides at this park.

Park: Lyon Park

Location: 299 York Rd

Why we like it: I have to admit I have not been to this park since they re-did it, but it has tons of fun stuff to climb on. Swings and sits beside the Lyons Park outdoor community pool that will be open for the summer starting in mid June. I will be checking it out soon!

Like I said before there are tons of amazing parks in Guelph to check out so I have just shared some of my favourites, but would love to hear what some of yours are.

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