Why you should host a MLM party?

A Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. In the past, I think MLM companies have been given a bad rap, people think that they are some sort of scheme but in reality they are kind of brilliant. These companies give money to their sales representatives with incentives instead of spending millions of dollars in advertising. The sales representative are people like you and me and sell to friends and family. Right now they are VERY popular and I am sure you know someone who is selling something.

Some people do it for the love of the product, some people do it to make some money, some people do it for both reasons. I have to admit until recently I had never hosted a party for any of these companies, but now that I have I want to know more! I sat down with a few amazing ladies and asked the benefits of hosting party with their company and what advice they would give the party hosts.

What is your company? My company is Arbonne

What do you sell? I sell safe, pure, result driven personal care products. Everything from anti-aging to baby. Cosmetics, vegan nutrition line, mens....all Swiss formulated which is very important as Europe follows very different regulations for what is allowed in personal care products.

What is your favourite product? My favourtie product....oh my god....I couldn't give up my anti-aging line. Our RE9 line is the number one anti-aging product out there.

What does a hostess get when they host a party?

When you host an event, whether it be a make-over evening, ultimate facials, nutrition event, all of which I do a quick label reading lesson, you can receive up to $210 in free products of choice! As well you can qualify for 50% off products and free shipping.

I always give the host the free $60 product of choice no matter what!

What advice would you give a hostess? My best advice for a hostess is to let me show them how to invite with excitement, no pressure, yet with urgency. Getting your guests to be excited about coming out after a long day is hard, yet very important! Following up a couple days before is always a good thing. I love giving out samples and trial kits to people, especially the hostess, before the event so that people can see for themselves how amazing these products really are :)

What is your favourite thing about your company? My favourite thing about Arbonne is that it gives people choice. It gives everyone, no matter what background or history, an equal chance to change their future. An opportunity to create time and financial freedom. To help other people not just get into safe products, but a part time business opportunity that truly does change lives. It has allowed me to dream again...and dream big!

What is unique thing about your company? I love that Arbonne is backed by the Mayo Clinic. These products are like no other in their results. The fact that they are safe is just the icing on the cake!

If you want to learn more about Arbonne or book a party with Carly Moore contact

Carly Moore

Independent Consultant




What is your company? Thirty-One Gifts Canada

What do you sell?We sell items for your home, your family and you! From totes and thermals, wallets and purses, bags and items to organize the toys and your house!

What is you favourite product? So hard to pick just one! Love our large utility totes! So many uses for them and they come in so many fun patterns! I also love the All About the Benjamins wallet:) I enjoy treating myself to a new wallet and this one holds everything I need including my phone!

What does a hostess receive if they throw a party? What don't they receive?? A fun night with their friends, FREE product, HALF price product and EXCLUSIVE items and specials just for them!

Is there a minimum amount people need to buy? No, but the more the merrier!! I enjoy a girls night out with games and prizes and the more women there the more fun!

What is the best advice you can give a hostess? To not stress! Have fun, invite some friends over and let me take care of the rest!

What is your favourite thing about your company? That thirty-one empowers women and helps us to fulfill our own dreams. Thirty-one has amazing values and they celebrate, encourage and reward women along the way.

What is one more thing we need to know? When you have your friends together for a girls night and a thirty-one party, you are helping me contribute to my family and my dreams.

If you want more info from Dallas Borris and Thirty One Gifts https://www.facebook.com/Dallastotes/

Email: dallasborris@yahoo.ca

What is your company? DoTerra Essential Oils

What do you sell? Essential Oils, vitamins, diffusers and essential oil accessories.

What is you favourite product? I love my essential oil physician kit that comes with the top ten essential oils and can help with almost any ailment my family may have. Plus I love making my own rollerballs and carrying them around with me.

What does a hostess receive if they host a class or workshop? Each DoTerra rep is unique in what they may offer, I am constantly changing incentives as well. I love to offer something specific to the host as a thank you. A rollerball, bottle of oil, diffuser who knows!

Is there a minimum amount people need to buy? Nope! It is great to just get out there and teach people about the oils and share my love of the oils.

What is the best advice you can give a hostess? Invite whoever you may think would be interested in using oils in their lives, let them there is NO PRESSURE to buy anything. I want them to have a great oil experience without being worried about buying something.

What is your favourite thing about your company? DoTerra has a non for profit healing hands foundation where they go to the countries that source the oils and work with them to create a great relationship with these people and help these communities become self reliant.

What is one more thing we need to know? I love how I am able to share the essential oils with families and show them how they can help their lives. With the classes we can make them fun and make things like roller balls, sprays, scrubs and more so the guests can see how they could use them in their lives.

If you would like more information about DoTerra essential oils contact Courtney


Email: tendertouch@rogers.com

What is your company? Stella and Dot

What do you sell? Fashion jewellery and accessories

What is you favourite product? My favourite necklace is the Mixed Metal Sutton- 5 looks in 1.

My favourite bag is The Getaway Bag, perfect for carrying around all your kids stuff or a weekend away!

Is there a minimum you need to buy?

What is the best advice you can give a hostess?

Invite as many people as you can think of, and personally reach out to anyone you can. Sending them pictures or suggestions of things they might like. If you are excited about hosting, your guests will be too!

What is your favourite thing about your company?

The training and support they give us as stylists. There are so many training calls available weekly, there are in-person training sessions available too. And of course Hoopla, it's about training, support, and fun with a great group of stylists!

What is one more thing we need to know?

If you want to learn more about Stella & Dot as a business, I am happy to tell you more. There are no mandatory sales or amount of product you have to buy. It is a flexible business you can run as your life allows!

If you would like to learn more about Stella and Dot please contact Andrea Emile-Dodge

Email: aemiledodge@yahoo.ca www.stelladot.com/andreaemiledodge

What is your company? Usborne Books at Home

What do you sell? Children's Books. Usborne has a wide varitey of books for children of all ages! With a range of over 2000 titles that younger readers simply adore, from baby books to biology, first reading to fabulous fiction. These books are bright, engaging, fun and most importantly educational for your children!!

What is you favourite product? I love the wipe clean books!! They are great for learning to write, tell time, add/subtract and much much more!

What does a hostess receive if they throw a party?

Hostess earns an allowance which is given in Free Books (no tax/ no shipping), or the option to purchase double the allowance at a 70% discount. Shipping and Handling (10%) is calculated on the full retail value of the books chosen. GST or HST is calculated on the actual amount charged, and on the shipping charges as applicable.

As a booking bonus I'm offering hostesses $30 in free books on top of the regular hostess rewards!! They can also get even more free books from future parties booked at parties they have!!

** parties need to have $200 in retail value to get these great reward!! (but its so EASY!!)

Is there a minimum amount people need to buy?

There is no minimum order requirement.

What is the best advice you can give a hostess?

To make sure she personally invites people to her party! And expresses how much she/her kids loves the books. Also to try and get outside orders from people who may not be able to attend.

What is your favourite thing about your company?

I love sharing the love of Usborne books with everyone I know. These books have transformed story time at my house :)

What is one more thing we need to know?

We party on Facebook!! There is now no need to leave your house to host a party! We can do the whole thing online and it takes only about 30 mins to run. No cleaning, no prep, no mess, and no stress!! Seriously they are so much fun!

What is your company? My company is Juice Plus

What do you sell? I sell whole food nutritional products

What if your favourite product? I don't have a favourite product I love them all (there's only 4)

What does a hostess receive if they throw a class or workshop? There is no set hostess gift as usually the distributor holds the parties but if someone acts as a host it would depend on what the district utterly wishes to gift them as a thank you. I typically do a bag of protein or box of bars!

Is there a minimum people need to buy? There is no minimum.people need to buy as this is not a typical mlm company where there are usually health seminars put on.

What advice would you give a hostess? Anyone who hosts a party I would recommend personally inviting people and tell them why they though that person would be interested..show the value to your guests and something they will get our of it (info samples etc.)

What do you love about your company? What I love most about my company is their mission to spire healthy living around the world and helping people make small changes which will drastically change their health and the health of their loved ones. It's more about education then sales!

What is one more thing we need to know?

I think people need to know that being healthy doesn't have to be complex expensive or hard. It can be simple and delicious! Anyone can join our mission and be successful no health background necessary.

If you would like to learn more about Juice Plus contact Andrea Taylor


Email: andreataylorcfc@gmail.com

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