How to sell your used baby and kids items?

So your basement is crammed full of old boxes of baby clothes, baby gear and strollers that you haven't used in months and you have decided it is time to get rid of it all and maybe make some money in the process.

Here are 7 ways to re-sell your used baby gear and baby clothes in Guelph.

  1. Once Upon A Child Guelph

Bring your gently used clothes to Once Upon A Child Guelph located at 666 Woolwich St, you do not need an appointment. They will go through your items and offer you money for what they want to keep. It is a good idea to check out their website to see what they are currently looking for (

Downside: I have heard people complain that they may not take much items, it really depends on what they are looking for and the quality of the clothes.

2> Sell on the Facebook Groups

We have a number of Facebook groups in Guelph for parents to sell to other parents. It takes a little time to take pictures and post about each item. I find when you have good items you can earn some good money this way.

Downside: People may not pick up items or may be constantly contacting people if they are interested.

3) MOM to MOM sale

Join a group doing a mom-to-mom sale (Guelph Moms and Co is hosting one April 9th). You pay to be a part of the sale. You get your own table and you decide the cost of your items. You are in charge of your money and payment.

Downside: You may not sell as many items as you think and will have items left over.

4). Sell with the Wellington multiples sale

You pay to be a part of the sale but you do not have to be at the event to sell, they do that for you. They do take a commission, but it is pretty reasonable especially if you do not want to sell it yourself.

Downside: You give away a portion of your profits and there is some set up to print out tags and price the items.

5) Consignment Stores – Wee Whipper Kidz Clozet

Bring your clothes to Wee Whipper Kidz Clozet at Whipper Snipperz at 50 Victoria Rd South and they will take your clothes and sell them for you. You get a percentage back or could use it to buy other items in the store.


Downside: You give away a portion of your profits

6) Host a baby garage sale

Hold your own garage sale with all of your baby items. Prepare your items, organize and advertise for your sale.

Downside: It may be a lot of work and if the weather is not nice you may not have a great attendance.

7) Sell on Kijiji

I think this option is best if you have a large lot of clothes. You must be careful when you are selling online, as you do not know whom you are selling to. It is always smart to meet in a crowded, public place.

Downside: You may have a hard time having people collect their items.

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