Are you a pro party planner or low party planner?

The expectation to throw a great birthday party these days has grown. Some people may think that it has grown out of hand. I have to admit I may be contributing to the problem. I have been entertaining at kids birthday parties for over ten years so once I had kids of my own I love to throw a great party. I love picking a theme, creating games, crafts and snacks. I could spend hours on pinterest finding fun ideas and making unique loot bags. Some years I have more time than others and can go a little over board, but at the end of the day the goal is to make sure my kids have a great time.

Are you a parent who goes crazy with birthday parties or do you like to keep it low key?

Here is a fun quiz!

How do you feel about THEME?

A.. I let my kid choose what they want B. I search on Pinterest and online and give my kid the options C. Isn’t birthday party a theme?

How do you decide on the GUESTLIST?

A. I let my kid invite 5- ten of their cloest friends. B. I throw two parties, one with family and one with every child in my kid's class C. Hmm the day of I send out a message to see who is available

How do you pick INVITATIONS?

A. . I make a cute evite or facebook invite B. I make custom invites that coordinate with the theme. C. I send out a quick text

What do you do about DECORATIONS? A. I pop into the Dollarstore and grab some balloons

B. It took me weeks to hand make and coordinate the invitations, balloons, tablescape and napkins. C. Are the candles on the cake considered decorations?

What do you do about FOOD AND CAKE?

. AI always bake my kid’s favourite cake and put out a few snacks. B. All of the food is to do with the theme and has taken me hours to prepare or buy.

C. I stopped by the store for some chips and popcorn

What do you do about GAMES AND ENTERTAINMENT?

A. I hire an entertainer

B.Homemade games, bouncy castle and princess C. I blew up a few balloons for everyone to play with

What do you do about LOOT BAGS?

A. Dollarstore toys and some candy. B. Personalized and themed in custom wrapping C. Favours? I just paid for a party

If you answered mostly A - you cater to the birthday kid and put together a bash that’s not too over the top and that they will love

Mostly B' - you are a die-hard birthday party planner. You pull out all the stops, birthdays are always eagerly anticipated at your house.

If you answered mostly C - you favor a low-key, family-style birthday that celebrates in a more minimal style.

Wherever you’re at on the birthday party spectrum, we hope to bring you some help in your birthday party dilemma.

At Guelph Moms and Co we have a birthday party directory for some of the best local businesses in Guelph that caters to birthday parties!!birthday-party-directory/k4256

There is also a great birthday party directory on Guelph Kids Guide which is a wonderful resource for any Guelph parent!

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