Top Preschools in Guelph

So you are thinking of enrolling your little one in preschool in Guelph? There are a variety of options and schools. Most of the preschools in Guelph offer half day programs (mornings or afternoons or both)– that is what makes them different from a full day care. Preschool is a great stepping-stone for little ones who will be attending kindergarten. I know for our family when my oldest was three and going to attend kindergarten in the fall I thought I needed to find a preschool to prepare him for school. It was a great decision for us because my oldest was a late talker so I remember the way his vocabulary all of sudden came together. I remember picking him up one day from preschool and asking him what he did (not expecting an answer), from the back of the car I hear a list of activities that he participated in that day at preschool.

Preschool is also a great option if your child has never been away from his family. If you stay at home with your kids sometimes it is a good opportunity for them to be away from mom or dad for a bit and ease the school transition. It is also a time for mom or dad to have a bit of a break and when I say bit that is what it is. Most programs only run about three hours max so be prepared for the drop offs and pick-ups.

Some of the preschools in Guelph are cooperative preschools which means as a family you will have some duties to help the school run. I do not think any of the Guelph preschools have parents come into the classes but you may be in charge of cleaning toys or buying supplies or fundraising.

Here is my list of the top preschools in Guelph!

1) Royal City Cooperative Preschool

So I am going to be super bias here, this has been our preschool for three years and most likely we will be going back next year. It has a great facility that has both an outdoor play structure that the kids play on everyday (weather permitting) and a full size gym for the kids to play when the weather is not cooperating. Most preschools have either or in town. The teachers at this preschool are amazing and a few have been teaching there for over thirty years. They truly love what they do. The teachers have been doing it so long they are now teaching second generations in some families.They offer a toddler program with 10 kids max and preschooler programs in the mornings and afternoons. Plus they give you lots of options of how much and how little you want to attend. This is a co-op so you will be required to help out but it is a great school and bunch of families that you will want to support it.

2) Guelph Outdoor Preschool

Exactly what the names says this preschool is all about spending time outdoors and in nature. I have a girlfriend whose daughter attends this preschool and she absolutely loves it. It was a perfect match for her as she is active and loves to spend time outside. They offer full day and half-day programs with lunch included.

3) Lilliputland Nursery Schools

They offer programs in the mornings and located in the downtown Guelph core. They have a great location and a large gym for the kids play in. They offer programs every morning from 8:45-11:45am.

4) Gingerbread House

They have a toddler program Friday mornings 9:30-11:30am and a preschooler program the rest of the mornings. You have a choice of Monday/Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays or you can even come all four days.

5) Salvation Army

There is a toddler program, a preschooler program and a toddler/preschool mix program. Programs run from 9:15-12:00pm everyday. I had a friend who had her son in this preschool a few years ago and he was also a late talker once he joined this preschool he was chatting a mile a minute. She was very happy with her experience.

6) Dino and Kidz

Although they do not officially offer a preschool program they offer half-day childcare. They are in the East end and have a beautiful brand new facility and wonderful, friendly staff.

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