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There was a time when the safest place for a child was their home. I believe it still is, however, with modern manufacturing practices our homes are not as safe, our food is not as pure, and our environment is not as clean. In fact, studies have detected up to 200 chemicals in umbilical cord blood of newborns. A report1 released in 2013 by Environmental Defence suggests babies are exposed to chemicals in the womb because pollutants are so pervasive both in the environment and in widely used consumer products. While exposure to some of these is not currently considered harmful, many can cause birth defects, reproductive disorders, asthma, allergies, eczema, hormonal imbalances, developmental disabilities, cancer, environmental & ecosystem disturbances, the list goes on…

As consumers, we are looking to get the best value for our dollar in addition to wanting better alternatives to keep our children safe & healthy. The problem is finding products that meet both objectives. The healthier options are often super expensive and can be difficult to find, and the “green” options often don’t work nearly as well as their chemical counterparts.

What if you could have BOTH?

Superior products, developed with the best of science & nature, guaranteed to work as well, or better, than the leading grocery store products, at prices everyone can afford!

Welcome to a company that began 30 years ago with a mission of enhancing lives in all areas of wellness – health, environment, and financial. Today, they are North America’s largest online wellness shopping club with almost 500 naturally effective, one-of-a-kind wellness products to choose from. A company that doesn’t waste money on advertising, retail space, storage or warehouse expenses. Instead, it uses these savings towards high quality ingredients, research & lower prices for its customers. It’s based on word-of-mouth referrals and uses just-in-time manufacturing practices – so you know your products are fresh & haven’t been sitting in a warehouse or on a retail shelf for months.


No harsh or harmful chemicals

No safety caps required

Simple online shopping

Shipped right to your door

Purchase direct from the manufacturer

Never pay retail again!

Save time & money

Same dollars, Better spent

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Eco-friendly products & manufacturing

Made with the best of science & nature

Six years ago my family made the decision to switch our shopping dollars to get better, safer products. We have eliminated allergies, chronic headaches, & chronic skin problems. We all have better overall health & immunity and rarely ever get sick. It also supports our initiative to reduce our carbon footprint & protect our environment.

Having a one-stop, cost-effective source to rely on for healthy products with safe, effective ingredients gives my family peace of mind. That one simple shopping decision has changed our lives!

One simple choice can change your life too. View a short overview &/or connect with me for more information.

If you wanted more info from Tammy she is a great resource and very passionate about making your house safer and green.

Tammy Avery


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