A Paw Patrol Birthday Party

My two boys have birthdays that are six days apart so I try as best as I can to do the double birthday party. Most years I am pretty successful, we have the two boys agree on a theme and they both invite friends. This year the theme was the ever-popular PAW PATROL.

We lucked out because we already had a lot of the Paw Patrol toys so I set up our own Adventure Bay for the kids to play with as the arrived. We set it up on our train table so it was at their level. I do kids birthday party entertainment so I find that I always feel like I have to make the party amazing, this year I didn’t do my usually crazy Pinterest décor and food because I just didn’t have the time plus it is a lot of work and let’s be honest the kids don’t really care. I tried my best to keep it simple and be about the fun!


Like I said I kept it simple this year I bought a Paw Patrol tablecloth from the store, as well as Paw Patrol paper plates, cups and napkins. If you didn’t want to buy all Paw Patrol you could just pick some of the colours of the pups (blue, red, yellow, green, pink and orange). I bought some Paw Patrol balloons and some puppy print balloons. We hung some streamers of all different colours and cut out some puppy paws and taped them to the walls.


I had the party during a time when I didn’t really have to serve food, but I am glad I had as much as I did because the kids ate it all! I made dogs in a blanket (hot dogs in Pillsbury roles), we had veggies, fruits, cheese and cracker and cold cuts. I used a dog bone cookie cutter to make dog bone shaped cheese and meat. I always make cookies and muffins for birthday parties as I make them a few weeks before and then freeze them. This year we had M and M cookies and strawberry muffins and banana muffins.

For drinks I had a large container of mixed apple juice with some lime juice and some ginger ale to make it special – we called it toilet water which the kids thought was hilarious.


Instead of making a Paw Patrol lookout tower cake, which I actually considered doing I made cupcakes and let the kids decorate them. Each child received a cup of gummies, sprinkles, candies and more that they put on their cupcake and ate. I find this creates another activity for the kids and I don’t have to worry about making or buying specialty cakes.

Activities and Games

This is where I feel like I shine, we do not have tons of space in my house so I make sure we use what space we have. We do an activity upstairs at the table and then I do an activity downstairs. While I am downstairs I have my husband change the upstairs activity so it can all smoothly.

  1. Make Your Own Paw Patrol Badges

We did this activity first because I knew the glue would have to dry. I had cut out badges from craft foam in all of the Paw Patrol colours and let the kids colour, sticker and sparkle their own badge. Once they were finished I used the glue gun to glue on a pin so they would be able to wear their badges.

  1. Puzzle Hunt

We had to use our police dog Chase skills and find the hidden Paw Patrol puzzle pieces I hid around the room. Once all the pieces were found we had to work together to put the puzzle together.

  1. Doggie Doggie who has the Bone

A classic game and perfect when you are doing a Paw Patrol party. I had cut out bones in the colour of all of the characters for another game so I used one of those bones. To play Doggie Doggie one child sits in the middle of the circle with their eyes closed, you sing or say “Doggie Doggie who has the bone, maybe he, maybe she, maybe the monkey in the tree” The child in the middle opens their eyes and has three guesses to guess who has the bone. All of the kids have their hands behind their backs. The child in the middle can only look at everyone’s face and point when they make a guess.

  1. Decorate Dog Bone Cookies

While we were playing downstairs my husband put out the sugar cookies shaped as dog bones I had made and icing and sprinkles. The kids loved decorating and eating their cookies.

  1. Dog Bone Search

We played another game downstairs where I had coloured cardboard bones that I hid all around the room, the kids had to pull a Paw Patrol character out of a bin and then search for the corresponding bone. (Rubble – had to find a yellow bone)

  1. Rocky’s Recycling

I had two bins full of recycling material and I had Paw Patrol badges in the bins as well. I split the kids up into two teams and had them run one at a time to find a badge and run back. Once a team had all of the badges they won, but they had to have all different badges and not duplicate any. The kids loved this game so much that we had to play a few times.

  1. Dance Party

I had more games planned but finished with a good old dance party. We played dance freeze, dance like and more. The kids loved it!

All and all it was a great party and hopefully you enjoyed some of my Paw Patrol party ideas!

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