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Parents know, one of the best things you can do for your child is to equip him or her with the right tools to succeed.

Life-long tools like high self-esteem, an active, agile mind, and an understanding of how to study, learn, and think… Only Oxford Learning puts all these outcomes within your child's reach — along with better grades — with our cognitive approach to learning, where we focus on helping children learn how to learn.

As one of North America’s leading supplemental educators, Oxford Learning offers programs for children age three to grade 12 that reinforce academic skills such as math, French, reading and writing, as well as teach children how to learn more effectively.

For those students who are already in school, it’s all about motivation. That’s why our unique approach to tutoring works so well. We give students the tools, the power, and the confidence to be in charge of their own learning. Our breakthrough program achieves two major objectives: it expands a child’s potential for learning and their interest in learning, two critical elements for lifelong growth and success. Without this, a student is only as good as their last test.

Oxford Learning Guelph’s Little Readers program is offered to children ages 3 – 5 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Young children WANT to learn. Little Readers makes the most of this critical time when children are most receptive to learning. So why a reading program? Because we recognize that reading is the one skill that every child needs to become a successful student. At Oxford Learning, we teach children as young as three years old to read. Our classes are small and we use a proprietary phonics-based program that’s as fun as it is effective.

Kids who do well in school feel confident and enjoy learning. By helping children learn how to learn more effectively and improving their academic skills, we can help them rediscover their natural love of learning and show them they are truly capable of achievement.

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