Potty Training Trials

I have just recently potty trained my twin boys. I feel as if maybe I had blocked out potty training my first son like I did with labour. Let’s have more kids, sure, it wasn’t that bad! It was one day right?! Then it all comes back to you in the moment. Oh yes, it really was that bad. It really wasn’t “just one day”…it was months of being uncomfortable leading up to that “one day”, and weeks of healing and sleepless nights after that “one day”. This is how I feel about potty training. I must have blocked out the puddles of pee everywhere, the mounds of urine scented laundry, the “I have to go pee!” screams from the back of the car before we even get to the end of our street. Maybe it is just a whole different world with two of them? Anyone who has multiples, is this just the case?! Either way, potty training is not an easy task for everyone. For those of you who got it done quickly, not a lot of problems, congratulation! I am super proud of you, a wee bit jealous, okay a lot bit jealous, but sincerely, congratulations!!!

My reason for this blog was to share with all of you a few of the things that I tried. I know people who have had great success with these techniques. Obviously I was not one of those people, but I wanted to share anyway in hopes that this could help out even just one of you.


Check out these tips. I find that it includes many of the techniques I had been recommended by other moms. There is the rewards system which includes stickers or treats, gold stars for every time they use the potty. (The bribe technique I like to call it…..and I am not frowning upon this technique, it is what worked with my oldest!) I was told to put cheerios in the toilet for the boys to try to pee on. One client of mine told me that she had put pottys in every room of her house so that her kids could have access to a potty everywhere. My goodness there are too many suggestions to write down! (Just check out the link!) What ended up working for my twinnies was to let them be naked and pee on everything outside like a dog. Yes, I had a house of naked dog pee-ers…..

…and I am totally ok with letting you all into our crazy little world, because I 100%, with all my heart, believe that you have to do what works for you. Life is full of so many people preaching their beliefs, what they feel is right, what they think is wrong, yet the only thing that matters is what works for you. We do what we have to do to survive these crazy times! We need to do what we need to do to ENJOY them as well. Isn’t that what it is all about?!

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