Summer Crafts for Rainy Days

Summer is here and it can be tricky to keep your little ones busy at home especially if it happens to be a not so great day outside. I have collected some rainy day crafts that I will have ready for my kids in case the weather isn’t cooperating.

I find my boys have never been the kind of kids who will sit for a long period of time doing a craft. Most of the time once I get everything out they play for about five minutes and then I find myself cleaning up longer than they actually did the craft for. That being said I do like to encourage creative play and craft time. I decided that this summer I would prepare for the rainy days in advance. I found some great crafts that I would like to attempt when the day comes.

I searched Pinterest and found some fun crafts that I have most of the supplies for at home and should keep my boys interest for longer than five minutes.

water bottle.jpg

1) Recycled Water Bottle Garden Art

This is a craft I am very excited to try as I we have lots of extra water bottles lying around and have just made a beautiful garden this year that could use some decorating.

2) Engine Shed


Once again in this craft we will recycle an old box and I am hoping that once it is finished the boys will spend some time playing with it as well. I think it would make a great garage for some of our toy cars as well.

tin can.jpg

3) Tin Can Garden Creatures

This is another goodie from the Creative Green Living site and it will also make some super cute décor for the garden.

4) Collaborative Art Stick

Art stick.jpg

This one might be better to do outside if the stick is really large or I was thinking we could find a few smaller sticks and put in the a vase once they were painted.

5) Paper Plate Ring Toss

ring toss.jpg

This one would be a great craft as once again it would get the kids playing afterwards. I am all about crafts that have a purpose and you don’t just throw out once you are finished. We might even try this one next week for our Olympic theme.

6) Alphabet Book

This last craft would be an all summer project. My boys are obsessed with letters and always have been so this would be a book of every letter in the Alphabet. It might even be a fun thing to have laminated once we finished and put it on our bookshelf.

alphabet crafts 1.jpg

Hopefully this gets you started on some creative projects for the kids this summer! We are always looking for some great ideas as well so share your favourite project on our facebook page!

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