The Great Dinner Showdown

Getting my little one to eat is more than just a challenge; it can be a full out war. I remember the days when I could put any homemade baby food on a spoon and in it went without a fight. I felt like such a good mom knowing my son was eating spinach, meat, broccoli and more now adays I feel like I can barely get him to eat some fruit let alone veggies.

Somedays it feels like a constant battle, one that most days I am losing. Here are a few ideas that have worked recently in our family, I say recently since like everything else with kids things change in the blink of an eye.

  • Timing is everything

Usually my son will start to ask for food before dinner is ready so instead of making him wait, I prepare a few snacks to tide him over. He might have apple slices, celery with peanut butter or some rice cakes.

  • Eat on the Move

This can be a messy option, but I find it works for us. I will put some food in small containers and let him eat while he is walking and playing around the house. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but sometimes when you are desperate you will try anything.

  • What is mommy eating

For a while I found that my son would only like food taken from my plate, it turned into a fun game and I could get him to eat anything from beats to green beans.

  • Add a little something

I know lots of moms who swear by plum sauce, ketchup or ranch to let the kids dip their food. My son loves a brown sugar vinaigrette sauce my mother in law

puts on her carrots.

  • The Right to Choose

I found my son loved to choose what he was going to eat. Since he doesn’t have a lot of words I made a special cupboard for his snacks that he could choose from as well as a special spot in the fridge. He loves being able to pick for himself.

  • Always set a plate

Even on the nights that he absolutely will not stay in his chair and eat I make up a plate for him so he knows it will be there when he is hungry.

  • Try, try, try again

I find sometimes I will give my son something to eat and he hates it and then again a week later he loves – of course sometimes it works the other way around and that is when the frustration sets in, but you have to keep on trying and do not let yourself worry.

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