Frequentely Asked Questions


Here are some of our most frequentely asked questions - if you are still looking for more information please contact us! 


What can I expect from your programs?

Each week your program will have a theme and depending on what program you are in it may contain a craft, music, sensory time, alphabet play, social time, story time, guest speaker and circle time.


What if I have two or more kids of very different ages?


Feel free to come test out a few of our programs and see which one works best for you and you may consider joining more than one program. Since we register beforehand we know who will be coming to each program and can adapt for all of the kids attending. We love the fact that you can bring all of your kids to ANY of our programs. We like to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.


What does it cost if I sign up for more than one program?

If you are consistently attending more than one program, you will pay full price for the first program and 30% off the second one.


How do I pay?

We accept payment in the form of cash, cheque, email money transfer or paypal. Once you have registered you can either pick the paypal option or let us know how you intend to pay. Here is the link to register -!register/cbz9


Can I get a receipt for the tax credit?


Of course you can. You can request one right away or wait until the end of the year and request one.


Are your programs the same as Momstown or the Early years?


No our programs are a step up from the drop in style of Momstown and the Early years. We have taken a lot of time and effort to create fun, interactive programs with themes that kids and mommies will love. We love to hear suggestions as well and love to cater our programs to our families. We like the fact that we open our programs to the whole family and really get to know who is attending our programs.


How come you do not have weekend or evening programs for working mommies?


We are looking into starting some amazing one day weekend craft workshops and other one day workshops. We would consider running an evening or weekend program if we had the interest so if you are interested please let us know!


Why do all of your programs start around the same time?


We understand that you will go through a variety of nap times and some kids wake up earlier than others, but we have surveyed a number of families and 10am was the most popular start time. Once again if we had enough interest to start an earlier or later program we would definitely consider it.

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